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Not-for-profit, research-based support for all Business Administration educators: entrepreneurship, finance, hospitality, management/administration, and marketing.

The MBA Conclave Curriculum and Teaching Conference is designed to help anyone who teaches or administers the teaching of business administration (entrepreneurship, finance, hospitality, management/administration, and marketing) build better, bigger, stronger programs at the local level.  Every session is designed for take-home value.  Click here for more about Conclave.

Mark your calendar: October 6 - 9, 2017. Vancouver, WA (Portland, OR). More details coming soon!

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Conclave is the most important conference available to all business/marketing teachers.  Why?  Conclave draws the nation’s best teachers of:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Hospitality/Tourism
  • Management/Administration
  • Marketing

And, the best of the best come to share ideas, strategies, connections, and more!  

With so many different types of presentations available, odds are you can find one that fits your interests and your ideas.

Since all sessions emphasize take-home value, the most likely proposals to be accepted are:

  • Classroom or community projects that are replicable in other schools
  • Specific strategies for integrating student organizations (BPA, DECA, or FBLA), academics, or technology
  • Program development (marketing and promotion) that help build enrollment of better position programs
  • Ideas for increasing participation of the business community
  • Other new, different, creative, and replicable ideas to help strengthen the overall offering of Business Administration curricula.                            

Topics of interest for 2016
All session topics will be considered, but priorities for the 2016 Conclave include:

  • Substantive classroom projects
  • Use and sources of data for program improvement
  • Trends, vision, and issues relevant in today’s educational environment
  • Integration of and support for Common Core Standards (particularly projects and activities that demonstrate and document full integration)
  • Student engagement strategies and tactics, specifically those that are specific to learning outcomes of the national Business Administration standards
  • Integration of technology specific to learning outcomes of the national Business Administration standards
  • Involvement of the business community in new and creative ways
  • Integration of eLearning in a blended learning environment
  • Program positioning: Branding of business/marketing programs
  • Student recruiting strategies, plans, and tactics
  • Marketing plans that address specific audiences
  • Communications strategies, plans, and tactics (including social media)
  • Positioning SWOT analyses or comparable activities
  • HS/College Connections ◦Shared project and activities
  • Unique partnership arrangements
  • Various uses of technology
  • Creative articulation agreements
  • Creative use of CTSO’s
  • Certification, exam, and other student measures

Types of sessions/Travel stipend
There are several different types of sessions and each offers a stipend to help cover part of your cost of participating.  Stipends are available only to individuals registered for the conference and registered at the conference hotel (local presenters excepted).  (You may earn stipends for up to three different activities.)


  • 2 1/2-hour hands-on workshops ($350*)
  • 6-hour hands-on workshop ($600)
  • Concurrent 45-minute sessions ($250*)
  • QuickStop 20-minute show and tell ($50*)
  • DeepThink Roundtable (90-minute) facilitator/presenter ($150*)

*For repeated sessions (same topic), the stipend is 50%.

How to apply
To apply to present, simply email your topic idea and specific the type session you would prefer, to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Please be certain to include:

  • SUBJECT LINE:  Conclave Presentation
  • Your name, institution, state AND phone number
  • Best time of day to reach you by phone
  • Very short description of the topic you’d like to present
  • Type of session you’d prefer

We will consider equally all applications received on or before August 15.  Thereafter, if slots remain available, all applications will be considered as they are received.  ALL applications will be acknowledged within two days.  If you don’t receive an acknowledgement, we’ve not seen your application.

CTE 700 – HSOB – Principles of Finance – Class# 22791

CTE 700 – 2016 MBA Conclave – Class# 22792

CTE 700 – HSOB – Business Economics – Class# 22793

CTE 700 – HSOB – Business Strategies – Class# 22794

Continuing Education Credits

Don’t need transcribed, university academic credits, but want documentation to meet continuing education requirements?  All Conclave registrants will receive documentation of participation INCLUDING documentation of specific sessions attended.  It’s free, but here’s the catch:  We can document your participation only if you submit the appropriate survey for each session.  Here’s how it works: 

  1. Attend session at Conclave
  2. Scan QR code or go to link for survey
  3. Complete survey and submit 
  4. You will receive a confirmation that your survey was submitted and a list of codes for each session that appear in that room for the conference 
  5. Click the link provided in your confirmation and enter your code
  6. Proof of your attendance in the session(s) will be mailed 3 to 4 weeks after the end of Conclave


Accreditation 101
Presented by Rick Mangini, Project Director, MBA Research
Download (PowerPoint)

Best Practices for LAPs
Presented by Tammy Cyrus, South Central High School (NC)
Download (PowerPoint)

Business Engagement
Presented by Rick Mangini, Project Director, MBA Research; Laurie Urich, Project Manager, MBA Research
Download (PowerPoint)

Business Stand-Outs and CEOs: A Model for Business Excellence
Presented by Lisa Berkey, Program Director for High School of Business™, MBA Research
Download (PowerPoint)

Chapter Management 101: Steps for Running an Outstanding FBLA Chapter
Presented by Jessica DeVaal, North Dakota Career & Technical Education
Download (Notes), Download (PowerPoint)

Collaborating With PBL
Presented by David Clark, Michigan Marketing Educators Association
Download (PowerPoint)

FBLA National Programs From A to Z
Presented by Kelly Scholl, Education Director, FBLA (VA)
Download (PowerPoint)

GAFE: This Is My Fight Song!
Presented by Snehal Bhakta, Clark County School District (NV)

I'm A Techaholic: Canva
Presented by Amber Aberle, Valley City State University (ND)
Download (PDF)

I'm A Techaholic: Screencast-O-Matic
Presented by Amber Aberle, Valley City State University (ND)
Download (PDF)

Micro-credentials: Giving Students the Competitive Edge
Presented by Rick Mangini, Project Director, MBA Research
Download (PowerPoint)

Presented by Tammy Cyrus, South Central High School (NC)

Social Media in the Classroom
Presented by Snehal Bhakta, Clark County School District (NV)

Teach & Lead Like a TED Talk
Presented by Snehal Bhakta, Clark County School District (NV)

Unleashing the Future - How Entrepreneurship and the Maker Movement Can Transform K12 Classrooms
Presented by Chad Ratliff, Albemarle County Schools (VA)

What's New With FBLA Competitive Events?
Presented by Kelly Scholl, Education Director, FBLA (VA)
Download (PowerPoint)


12,000 Apps at your Fingertips: So What?
Presented by Carol Von Tersch, Southeast Polk High School (IA)

Behind Closed Doors (The Boardroom)
Presented by Christina Vaughan, VP Franchise Operations, Sonic Corporation
Download (PowerPoint)

Building Enrollment in a Core Content World
Presented by Jodi Adams, PDTeam, MBA Research
Download (PowerPoint)

Enrichment through Innovation and Partnerships
Presented by Sheryl Okash, Associate Professor of Marketing, Bellevue University
Download (PowerPoint)

Ethics: Changing the Conversation
Presented by April Miller, VP, Instructional Design, MBA Research
Download (PowerPoint)

Favorite App: Timeline
Presented by Jessica DeVaal, PDTeam, MBA Research
Download (Notes in Word doc)

Get With the Program!
Presented by April Miller, VP, Instructional Design, MBA Research
Download (PowerPoint)

The Internal Business of Marketing
Presented by Tanishia Beacham, VP Franchise Operations, Sonic Corporation
Download (PowerPoint)

International Business: The Global Economy and the China Factor
Presented by Mark A. Stansberry, Chairman, The GTD Group
Download (PowerPoint)

Lemonade Day (Closing Keynote)
Presented by Ron Batts, President, Lemonade Day
Download (PowerPoint and folder with links to videos)

Let MBA Research Be Your Guide
Presented by April Miller, VP, Instructional Design, MBA Research
Download (PowerPoint)

MBA Assessments: Put Students to the Test!
Presented by April Miller, VP, Instructional Design, MBA Research
Download (PowerPoint)

Start It Up: Right Here, Right Now
Presented by Tammy Cyrus, PDTeam, MBA Research
Download (PowerPoint)

Strategies to Enhance Literacy
Presented by Bonnie Sibert, Business, Mkt. & Management Speciallist (NE)