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Getting Started

Basic steps to implement a High School of Business™ program at your school.

  1. Get familiar with the program. Read through the High School of Business™ Handbook to learn about policies and procedures.
  2. Contact MBA Research. Discuss your questions and inform staff of your school’s interest.
  3. Select a Primary Contact. He/she is the main point of contact between MBA Research and the school district, and is responsible for maintaining the accuracy of contact information as well as program implementation.
  4. Identify appropriate teachers. Select teachers who are excited to teach a project-based learning curriculum, as well as the program’s accelerated content.
  5. Request an application. Contact Lisa Berkey at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
  6. Review the application form. Involve your superintendent, principal, and other administrators to make sure all parties are fully aware of district and school responsibilities. After the authorized signatures have been obtained, mail the original signed document and $1,000 application fee to MBA Research. The deadline to return the agreement is December 1. Under special circumstances, late applications are accepted. Contact us to discuss if your school is unable to meet the deadline.
  7. Schedule an application conference call. MBA Research will email the Primary Contact to schedule a one-hour application conference call. The purpose of the call is to determine if faculty and staff at the school have plans in place that adhere to the program guidelines outlined on the application form. Call participants include (at minimum) district and site administrators, teachers, and a counselor.
  8. Receive status notification. All applicants will be contacted within ten days of completing the application conference call. 

Note: To ensure a thoughtful expansion of the program, MBA Research limits the number of schools accepted into the High School of Business™ program each year.  For more information, contact Lisa Berkey: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Stay connected with MBA Research and the High School of Business™ program through our Perspectives e-newsletter and Facebook.

What Happens Next?

As your school considers joining High School of Business™, keep these next steps in mind.


The Steering Team composition of members 

Consider who you will invite to join your school’s High School of Business™ Steering Team. This is an active group that is responsible for the successful planning, start-up, maintenance, and improvement of the program. We recommend the following composition as a guideline.

Two, senior-level, local business professionals

School Site Administrator (e.g., Principal)

District Administrator (e.g., CTE Director)

College-level business faculty member


Faculty teaching High School of Business courses

8 Charges for Steering Teams

  • Advise of current education needs for business professionals in the workplace
  • Mold the program to fit the local community
  • Promote the program in the community
  • Promote the program in the school
  • Bring real business into the classroom
  • Find observational internship opportunities for students
  • Ensure that students graduate with more than a diploma
  • Support teachers

E-Newsletters for HSB Steering Team Members
MBA Research sends a quarterly e-newsletter to all steering team members at participating schools. The objective is to provide assistance to your steering team members. This publication focuses on the 8 Charges of HSB Steering Teams, shares examples of how schools are meeting these charges, and keeps team members up-to-date with HSB achievements and initiatives.

If you haven’t provided contact data this school year, please do so here.

Recent Newsletters
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More Resources

Implementation Plan
A monthly plan for establishing a High School of Business site is mailed to the primary contact person at each school accepted into the program.

Explaining High School of Business: A Quick Fact Sheet for Steering Team Members
Explaining High School of BusinessTM.doc

Getting Involved-- resource needs for every course, every project
This is a compilation of the Getting Involved handouts that are provided in every course guide (Section 4).
Getting Involved project needs lists.docx

Steering Team – Year Two
A guide for keeping your Steering Team active to continually improve the program.
Steering Team- Year 2.doc

"Students need to understand that they must be able to think their way through problems,  because in a lot of cases there is no 'stock' or 'book' answer. This is a very important aspect to so many day-to-day issues.” – High School of Business Steering Team Member

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