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Digital Badges - Level 2

Level 2 badges are based on an individual instructional area, but exam questions will be at a higher planning level than level 1 badges. Level 2 exam questions will be at the career-sustaining and specialist levels and can be from the BA core, a specific cluster core (i.e., finance, management, marketing) and/or from a specific pathway. Level 2 exams are 25 questions. Criteria for passing is 80%. The fee for Level 2 badge assessments is $3.00 (member) and $4.95 (non-member). See our online store to purchase.

Digital Badge: Selling - Level 2

Badge holder demonstrated an understanding of the concepts and actions needed to determine client needs and wants and respond through planned, personalized communication that influences purchase decisions and enhances future business opportunities. Skills and concepts assessed include: acquiring a foundational knowledge of selling and sales activities to understand its nature and scope; acquiring product knowledge to communicate product benefits and to ensure appropriateness of product for the customer; understanding sales processes and techniques to enhance customer relationships and to increase the likelihood of making sales; performing pre-sales activities to facilitate sales presentation; processing the sale to complete the exchange; conducting sales-support activities to meet prospect’s needs/requirements;  conducting post-sales follow-up activities to foster ongoing relationships with customers; and planning sales activities to increase sales efficiency and effectiveness.

View the criteria for this badge Here.

Digital Badge: Promotion - Level 2

Badge holder demonstrated understanding of the concepts and strategies needed to communicate information about products, services, images, and/or ideas to achieve a desired outcome. Skills and concepts addressed include: the nature and scope of promotion and promotion activities; promotional channels and public relations activities to communicate with targeted audiences; utilizing word-of-mouth strategies and product placement to build brand and to promote products; using direct marketing; developing content for use in marketing communications; understanding design principles; using of a website to promote a business/product; managing media planning and placement to enhance return on marketing investment; utilizing publicity/public-relations activities to create goodwill with stakeholders; employing sales-promotion activities to inform or remind customers of business/product; developing marketing briefs to apprise staff and client of promotional strategy; working with advertising agencies to create marketing communications; planning marketing communications to maximize effectiveness and to minimize costs; and implementing and monitoring promotional activities to maximize return on promotional efforts.

View the criteria for this badge Here.

Digital Badge: Marketing - Level 2

Badge holder demonstrated understanding of the tools, techniques, and systems that businesses use to create exchanges and satisfy organizational objectives. Skills and concepts assessed include: understanding marketing’s role and function in business to facilitate economic exchanges with customers; and acquiring foundational knowledge of customer/client/business behavior to understand what motivates decision-making.

View the criteria for this badge Here.